Notre portant en bois, un élément de décoration utile et beau, aux allures de vacances au bord de mer

Our wooden clothes rack, a useful and beautiful decorative element, reminiscent of a seaside vacation

Our wooden racks are handcrafted from local chestnut wood, a wood with a superb patina, a light color, reminiscent of driftwood once peeled and sanded. Wood that we collect from our meadow, following pruning or from neighboring lands. Can we go closer to obtain wood?

The chestnut tree is a wood that is found a lot in Brittany, it is very present on the embankments which surround the fields and must be pruned from time to time. Fortunately it is a tree that grows back very quickly, which makes it a renewable resource.

In terms of grain, it is a light wood with a fine grain, lighter than oak and darker than ash. A species that we really like at Prairie Studio “The king of the woods and the choice of kings! ".

The wood is worked manually: the trunk is split then worked with a plane (a sort of plane), following the natural curves of the fibers, which will give the legs of the rack their graceful appearance.

This rack creates a joyful, relaxing atmosphere, and is suitable for a bedroom as well as for a clothing store with bohemian decor. Easy to assemble and disassemble, it can also be taken to markets and exhibitions.

A natural and design element to create a zen, relaxing and cozy atmosphere.

Our wooden rack width 60

Our wooden rack width 90 to 150

Our chestnut wood rack with a branch as a bar

Our XXL rack for clothing stores




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