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Table lamp in chestnut wood, conical shape

Table lamp in chestnut wood, conical shape

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Abat-jour - lampshade
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Table lamp, or wooden bedside lamp made with local chestnut wood, conical in shape. Shaped manually from a split chestnut trunk: the shape is then worked with a plane following the natural lines of the wood. The wood thus obtained keeps its raw character, with a pleasant texture and a beautiful natural patina which lets the living side of the wood express itself. Chestnut wood has a beautiful golden color with a fine grain.
The electrical cord is covered with braided natural jute with switch on the cord.

Height: 30cm without the lampshade, i.e. 45 cm with the lampshade (20x15), diameter of the foot + -9cm
Suggested lampshade option:
white cotton diameter 20cm / height 15cm

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